About the Client

Lideo S.A. is the provider of IT solutions on the medical market and the creator of the innovation ecosystem in the area of ​​the digital transformation of hospitals. The company is part of the Pelion Group S.A., the largest Polish company in the healthcare sector, and Urtica Sp. z o.o., the leader in the domestic pharmaceutical distribution market. Lideo is already developing technologies that take medicine into the future.

Move into the future of medicine:  Lideo Tech


The creators of the Lideo brand dare to undertake the most ambitious challenges and realize their wildest visions. The Client’s needs related to entering the new brand market were wide. It was necessary to develop a concept for brand communication that would be attractive to potential employees, clients and a wide range of people interested in new technologies in medicine..


We developed a coherent and modern visual identity that is at the core of the brand communication. As part of the visual identity, graphic designs such as the logo and book of signs, business cards, brochures, and letterhead were created. We prepared a social media strategy based on the brand communication plan we have created. The popular video format was also used in the whole strategy.