About the Client

Dorsanis Global Services Ltd specializes in business consulting. They analyse the condition of companies and suggest solutions as well as support the development and implementation of strategies. They work holistically and point-wise, and in each undertaken project they have one goal: to help small and large companies grow, develop and generate income.

This is how a good business looks like: Dorsanis.com


Just as trends in fashion and business are changing – so are the trends in graphics and the design of websites. The website of Dorsanis Global Services Ltd. needed to be changed and adapted to current trends, keeping the simplicity of navigation and clarity of the message.

Cooperation with your Team is simply a pleasure. I haven’t seen such professionalism and heart put in the work in any other agency. You create new standards.

Alicja Tatarczuk, ECDP Group


An elegant, light and pleasant website – this is our answer to the customer’s need. We prepared a new website for which we created new content. We focused on simplicity and intuitiveness – there is no way the user can get lost on the website, or find inaccurate information about the offer.