We are the first marketing agency that has been established to give work to people with mobility disabilities.

Who is working from bed?

It’s us!

All right. #TrueStory time!

How Work and Bed has been growing stronger?

At the beginning, there only one lying in bed was Arthur. Majka and Sylwek joined him. All three have landed in one bed to show that #WeAreInThisTogether

Work from Bed has been established for Artur, but from the very beginning it was obvious that it would not end only with him! It soon turned out that #ThereAreMoreOfUs. Soon enough, the first “students” joined our team: Mateusz and Nicole (the boys are still affectionately calling her Lady Nicole) and Krzysiek aka Filip (because of his surname). Magda and Nina became mentors.

It did not take long for the team to expand to include more specialists. Who are we talking about? Damian, Daniel, Aga, and Łukasz x2- one of them called Lewy, and the other one Gekon.

There would be no students without mentors! Paulina and Łukasz aka Professor (probably because he is so smart) become new mentors. And with the power of momentum, more specialists appeared – Jarek and Krzysiek, called Biały (White).

Today, there are 12 of us in one bed! Tbc.

We have a fantastic team!

We are innovators!

We became semi-finalists in the European Competition for Social Innovation!

We are Local Heroes!

Marchal Office of the Silesian Voivodeship has appreciated what we do.

We're in this together!

We work together, but privately we also like each other.



it's the number of people involved in preparing the team building trip of our team. Others simply go for a beer, coffee and cinema after work. We engage family, volunteers, drivers, cartakers - everyone!


we have already tested this many programs for remote team work. One day we will finally write our own program that will satisfy us 100%. In the meantime, we can share our #KnowHow about remote work and good practices.


Have you ever talked to someone for that long? We've already talked to each other for MINIMUM 69h on Thursday calls of our team in 2018. Every Thursday, 1.5 hours on average. We did not count other conversations ...

Who shares the know how with us?

In the thicket of advice, we find wise ones. And wise heads that support us with their knowledge and experience!

Who says about our activties?

It is difficult to change the world without marketing. Even the best idea will disappear if it does not have proper promotion. If through the media and marketing, it won’t go to people who think and feel similarly. We had the opportunity to talk about what it is like to lie down and work in local and national media.