How did it happen?

n the beginning, there were conversations between Majka and Artur. Conversations about working from home and the technologies that make this possible. About having a really interesting job and doing things that make sense.

And then the decision was made. Ideas and visions needed to be transformed into concrete actions!

What do we do?

We give experiences that change the lives of people with physical disabilities and of those who are around them.

Work is one thing. Changing the environment is another. This is why we established the Foundation – in order to speak up about disability and break persistent stereotypes, which are often harmful. We educate by organising courses and meetings concerning the life of people with disabilities. We explain how to behave in the company of such people. We give interviews in the media, talking about the daily challenges and successes. We support social entrepreneurs and those who want to employ people with physical disabilities. In this way, we are changing society and its perception of disability!

We improve the quality of life of people with physical disabilities through a decent job, adapted to their capabilities.

The idea that was born at the beginning of the friendship between Majka and Artur is still evolving because probably only a few have checked the opportunities of working with people with physical disabilities in practice, in marketing. We are constantly discovering new possibilities, but also limitations. By flexibly approaching the issue of duties and constantly keeping in mind the welfare of the people working at Work from Bed, we give satisfaction, development opportunities, relationships, and earnings. The things that everyone can experience at work.

You can read the full charter of Work from Bed here

It really works!

Our activities are shaped depending on needs and ideas.

We pave the way of employing people with disabilities. There are many nuances that determine the comfort of work, performance of tasks and employment. We share this knowledge with other employers. We have created a set of dedicated instructions that will make the employment of a person with a physical disability easier ->

We run lectures at workplaces and schools on the work of disabled people and savoir vivre. Soon, we will start the original Tour de School.

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