How do we work?

It’s easy to say that marketing can be done from every place in the world. It has long been known, however, that you need experience, ideas, and trends tracking. So how to do marketing with people who have no or just a little bit of experience in this field?

The key to success is the “mentor” + “student” work model.

A mentor is a person that has gained a lot of experience in a given field. Paulina has already written many texts and planned multiple communication plans. Łukasz has been working with companies all over the world as a Webmaster. Nina has been doing business and CSR for a long time already.

Mentor and a student is not enough!

Add bringing strengths to light (each of us has determined them in FRIS – be sure to check out what it is!) and values (you can read about them in the “Why” section) and… that’s how an independent specialist is made!

  • Mentor
  • Student
  • Strengths
  • Values
  • Success!

How did it happen?

Our (so far) short story


Artur was renovating his flat with his friends’ help. At some point, there were not enough hands to help. His friend Zuzia posted about this on Facebook. Majka came to help.

It didn’t end up with just one meeting. Majka joined the team of Artur’s friends. The topic of work appeared at some point. Majka was working at a public relations agency at that time. Artur was not working. Majka asked why. Arthur replied that there was no job for him. Majka did not believe it.

Majka knew that marketing can be done from every place in the world. It’s enough to have a computer and the Internet. Why not do it from bed? She told Artur about this. He believed her.


The topic of collaboration had been coming back like a boomerang. Both of them were ready for a change in their lives. Artur wanted to get a job. Majka wanted to become a social entrepreneur.

They invented the name. In the beginning it was “I lie in bed, therefore I work”, but finally “Work from Bed”. The inspiration was the famous “I think, therefore I am”.

Before we started working at full swing, we were already talking about our idea. Our passion was noticed by FISE and the British Council, organizers of the training for social entrepreneurs called Active Citizens 4 Social Enterprise. Majka got an offer to represent Poland in New York at a congress for young people who want to implement the Sustainable Goals of the United Nations. Majka agreed. Decent work means SDG8.


We started preparations to set up the Foundation, because there are more people like Artur.

A lot of things started to happen. Really a lot. We got to the semi-finals of the European Competition for Social Innovation. As one of 30 initiatives selected from among 800 that have applied. We talked about Work from Bed in London, Madrid, Brussels, but also in our neighbourhood

We became the Local Heroes of the Silesian Voivodship and Artur appeared on one stage with Jurek Owsiak – the founder of WOśP.

Our idea and activities got appreciated by the media. We were guests at Dzień Dobry TVN, and TVP2. TVP Katowice made a feature about us. Articles about us appeared in: Wysokie Obcasy and Uroda Życia, Dziennik Zachodni, Nasze Miasto, Silesion, Puls HR, INNPoland, Alteia, Marketer+ and Fakt. They talked about us in Radio Katowice, Antyradio, Radio Zet and Radio eM.

We started working in the “mentor + student” model. Mateusz, Nicole, and Krzysiek joined our team as students, Magda and Nina as Mentors. We had to fight for our position on the market. We made it.


We turned on turbocharging because we wanted even more!

Other mentors appeared – Paulina and Łukasz, and together with them, new students who started to get to know the nooks and crannies of marketing under their supervision. When the team is getting bigger, it’s obvious that one needs to take care of the integration as well. We managed to organise the first integration trip of our team. It was not easy and no words can describe the dedication and commitment of various people. Loungers, umbrella drinks and integration games. It all took place at the Paprocany Lake in Tychy.

Having a big team and mentors at our disposal – with greater courage we have undertaken work for really large, often international, companies. With some, we’ve been working until today!

Later, Krzysiek (Biały) and Jarek joined our team. With a 12-people team, armed with the best competences, we were consistently conquering marketing hearts and minds.


Stay tuned 

How is this possible?

Every time this question appears, we give the same answer.

It’s thanks to the fact that each of us brings this “something”.
It’s thanks to the fact that we differ so beautifully. It’s thanks to the fact that every one of us wants to do this.
Although it’s difficult sometimes, we also have many reasons for joy and celebration of success.
Smaller and bigger achievements. And since we’re already talking about success… Here is the best place to show it off!
Take a look! Our work system WORKS!