What do we actually do?

We promote good activities. We talk about brands that are worth attention.

We design the concept of a brand, its communication, visual identity. We develop recommendations of activities for emerging brands and for brands that have been on the market for years.

The plan is important, but the implementation is even more essential. One can have the best idea in the world, but not bring it into life… This is why we support bringing ideas into life. We support them once or regularly. We design websites. We communicate on social media and portals and create content. We design graphics. Do you need a logo? OK! A billboard? No problem! This is what we do.

Because we have our #KnowHow, and the Client has his needs. And when we get to know those needs, we can adjust the training. The areas in which we feel most comfortable are marketing (obviously!), disability and corporate social responsibility.

Because we are glad to implement any projects that make the world a better place. Innovations and social campaigns are our favourites.

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What else do we do?

Man does not live by marketing alone.

We disenchant disability

We don’t care about stereotypes. We all know them. We make noise in order to show the other side of disability. The active, creative and positive one. The all-powerful one!

We create social innovations

We look for new solutions for employers and employees with disabilities. We create prototypes and test solutions for professional and social activation as well as ergonomics of the work of people with mobility disabilities.

We teach disability

We break taboos, but there is someone who does it better than us. Children! Each visit at school is a huge portion of energy for us. We talk about disability without beating about the bush. And the children – without unnecessary conventions – openly ask questions. This is how CHANGE is done!