(Almost) everything you should know about collaboration with us

The full offer is available on the subpage with a surprising name: Offer.

A brief is a document in which we collect the most important information about the project from the Client. Thanks to it we reduce the likelihood that someone, somewhere will misunderstand some information or forget something.

The projects are done by the students in close cooperation with mentors. Such a system guarantees the best quality!

Sure! We prefer online meetings, but feel invited to our mini-office as well.

We work with our hearts as well as our heads. We give jobs that change lives, and at the same time – tangible results for the Client. Creativity is what drives us. Conveying simple messages is important to us. We offer CSR for free.

To the point!


As we wrote on the “Why?” subpage – we have a variety of skills. And that allows us to deal with many elements of marketing. Well, simply #DigIt. You probably need details. Here they are.


Building a brand is not easy. With a strategy, it's easier.

The fact that strategy is crucial when building a brand is written in all the marketing textbooks. We’ve developed many strategies, supporting the introduction of the product and the brand.

  • Brand image strategies
  • Brand communication strategies


The website is your business card in the world.

People find most information about services and brands on the Internet. Make sure your site is attractive when it comes to design and content.

  • Communication
  • Webwriting
  • Blog Articles
  • SEO

Graphic Design

Small and big. For printing and for publishing on the Internet.

Now, design can be done by everyone. But to design so that the world would pay attention to it – is an art. We’ve mastered it.

  • Branding
  • Advertising Graphics
  • Web Design
  • DTP


Playing with words with a good effect.

Words, words, words. One needs to know how to use them correctly and logically.

  • Webwriting
  • Filling the Portal
  • Blog Articles
  • Content for Official Letters
  • Newsletters
  • Answer Templates
  • Announcements
  • Press Releases

Social Media

Are you on Facebook? Did you see Instastories?

We don’t say we know all social media. But the ones we do, we know really well!

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Communication Schedules
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Communication Plans


Conclusions from experiences from the best knowledge

What we discover, we gladly share. We can share our knowledge related to marketing but also to working with people with disabilities.

  • Creative Content for Websites
  • Facebook – How to Be Present There?
  • Building the Brand
  • Remote Work

Social Campaigns

If We must talk about something, then let it be good things.

We are changing the stereotypes related to people with disabilities. Do you have an idea, activity, project that you want to promote? We can do this together!

  • Strategy
  • Communication
  • Implementation
  • Websites
  • Managing Social Media Profiles


The business has the power to do the good.

Together, we can do something really interesting! In the end, we know the world of the free market from our own experience – it will be easier for us to get along.

  • Reports
  • Employee Volunteering
  • Trainings
  • Lectures

We did great projects with them already!