Why do we exist??

We were created to make Arthur’s life better. Better = richer.

Richer in new skills, new goals, new knowledge, new acquaintances. New experiences. That’s how our vision was created. But about that – in a moment.

Was Work from Bed created only for Artur? No.

Everything started with Artur, but as soon as the idea of ​​a marketing agency appeared, it was clear that it was also about other paralyzed people to whom we will give jobs in the future.

What was it about? About wise help. About giving a job, the tool of change.

Why Work from Bed?

Apparently, during the year (assuming it is full time) we spend nearly 2,000 hours at work. We believe, and actually, we know that the employee’s tasks do not have to be a necessity or a chore. Tasks are not everything!


We are a marketing agency. We are a social enterprise. It’s quite a good combination in order to talk about important things and to DO them. Get to know our vision!

Better life thanks to new, valuable experiences.


We are very different. We have different skills. We have different experiences and different ideas for doing marketing. But still, something is connecting us! Values. Check them out – maybe you can “feel” them, too?