About the client

Ashoka is an international organization supporting social innovators. Their team is also active in Poland! How does Ashoka support you? It provides #KnowHow, shares experience and expert knowledge and organizes programs. One of them was WzmocniONE (Strengthened) – dedicated to the implementation of ideas supporting and activating women.

This is how you support innovators! Ashoka


It is not enough to be willing to make a real change to achieve it. You have to have ideas and people. You need to reach them with information. The program organized by Ashoka – WzmocniONE (Strengthened) – needed promotion. It was necessary to quickly and effectively reach innovators, social activists and simply – people with ideas for activating women.


For the WzmocniONE program, we developed a communication strategy for several months. We created a dedicated channel on Facebook. We set strategic moments in which we implemented advertising campaigns. And of course – we prepared an unique visual identity. There was also a place for information about the program, but also inspiring and motivating content.