About the Client

Lideo S.A. is the provider of IT solutions on the medical market and the creator of the innovation ecosystem in the area of ​​the digital transformation of hospitals. The company is part of the Pelion Group S.A., the largest Polish company in the healthcare sector and Urtica Sp. z o.o., the leader in the domestic pharmaceutical distribution market. Lideo is already developing technologies that take medicine into the future.

See how the future hospital looks like:  Cyfrowyszpital.pl


The Digital Hospital is a common denominator of Lideo S.A. activities for the digitization of Polish hospitals. The owners of the brand wanted to create a place of education and inspiration, in which several existing and emerging solutions that could revolutionize the way hospitals works would be presented.


We implemented the cyfrowyszpital.pl portal where we regularly publish the articles prepared by us that are accessible to the reader and optimized for Google. They describe new technologies as well as other examples of inspiring innovative implementations in the hospitals in Poland and worldwide.