We invite you to join our bed world. Break the barriers together with the Work from Bed team and disenchant disability with us. Help us with exceptional events and in everyday life. For those who want to work with us as volunteers, we have prepared a wide and quite flexible involvement offer.

What can you give us?


We know that time is the most valuable currency. By engaging in our volunteering, you are guaranteed meaningful activities and a full use of your time


Each of us has talents and skills. Tell us what you can do and we will find satisfying tasks for you!


Sometimes we need help with transport – to rehabilitation, to a lecture, to a training session. Helping us to get from point A to Z is helpful!


There is no denying that we like people and we like being in touch with them. Maybe volunteering can become a part of a stronger relationship?

What do we need?

Sometimes we look for support at work, sometimes outside of work. Here are some examples of tasks that can be done by you as a volunteer. If you feel that any of these tasks is best for you – mark it in the application form!


transport to lectures, support during the events, technical support, help with the computer/presentation


meetings and walks, inspiring workshops, organising integration trips and support during trips

Private support

transport to rehabilitation, to the doctor, taking care of children

We’d love the volunteer to be involved for at least 3 months. Thanks to this, we will be able to plan our activities better and use your willingness to help more sensibly!

You can count on our appreciation and…

  • certificate of volunteering
  • workshop with Artur about the lives of people with disabilities
  • meetings on-line (if possible: LIVE!) with our team
  • other forms of gratitude that we will think of as we get to know you better!

Do you want to know more? Talk to Artur,  our head of volunteering: artur@lezeipracuje.pl | phone: +48 501 632 787

leżący mężczyzna w białej koszuli, granatowym swetrze i pod krawatem, trzymający założone ręce z głową przykryty do pasa pościelą

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